Who we are

Feeling Reality is a production of creative documentaries,
TV programs and commercials. Our main goal is to comprehend reality through a cinematic language. In our work we seek to tie traditions of Russian cinematography with contemporary art tendencies.
Anna Shishova-Bogolubova

Anna was born in Moscow in 1986. Graduated from Moscow State University, Faculty of History and VGIK (All-Russian State University of Cinematography), documentary workshop. From 2012 to 2013 Anna participated in exchanging program between VGIK and SADA (Stockholm academy of dramatic arts, Sweden). In 2016 Anna participated in AFS international documentary workshop organized by the U.S. Department of Educational and Cultural Affairs and the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Anna is a member of the Documentary Film and Television Guild and Russian Journalists Union. Anna’s works got numerous awards at Russian and international film festivals.

Dmitry Bogolubov
director, cinematographer


Dmitry was born in 1980 in Moscow. After his first law degree he graduated from VGIK (All-Russian State University of Cinematography), the documentary and TV production workshop. He is a member of Russian Journalists Union. Dmitry has directed a list of TV documentaries and commercials. His TV fiction documentary “Oleg the Wise” became the special event at Moscow International Film Festival in 2015. Dmitry got the national cinema and TV award “Strana” for his documentary “Neglected”. Together with his wife, a director Anna Shishova-Bogolubova they made a documentary “On the Edge” where Dmitry was a cinematographer as well and got a prize “Saint Anna” for best cinematography. His resent documentary “The Wall” won the “Best World Documentary Award” at Ji.hlava IDFF 2017.


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